Thursday 6 December 2012

New UV curing laboratory concept for inks.

Jenton have developed a laboratory UV curing test system that can simulate single pass UV cure exposure at speeds up to 500m/min. A new benchtop system allows sample materials to be coated with appropriate inks/coatings and then accurately and consistently moved at speeds from 20 to 500 m/min. When the set speed is reached and is stable a UV source is exposed to the sample for one pass only. The Jenton unit can be fitted with a wide range of UV sources, enabling true testing of actual customer parameters. Microwave and Arc UV curing systems and the latest LED UV curing systems can all be used. The first system is installed in Jenton’s showroom in Whitchurch, Hants. Customers are invited to test the system with their own inks and materials. For further information, please contact Richard Little or Jeremy Woodbridge.

Friday 13 July 2012

Fancy a good punch?

If you do, you may be joining an ever growing number of Jenton customers who need clean holes punched at high speed in flexible materials. Fresh fruit and vegetables are increasingly packaged in perforated materials and the high speed and reliable production of these materials is vital. Jenton has worked with Maklaus, the undoubted market leader in this field, for many years and the majority of installations of the cross web type in the UK are Maklaus. Materials punched include LDPE, OPP, CPP, paper, foil, polyester and laminates. If you need holes, other than the minty ones, Jenton is the place to go!

Thursday 28 June 2012

Converging across the pond.. We are really pleased to report that a pair of the latest Jenton-Ariana convergers are in action in the USA. Installed in line with CFS thermoformers the BCS convergers feature B+R touch screen controls and because of their short length save at least a metre over alternative systems (as well as several thousand pounds!). There is a small but growing number of Jenton Ariana machines in North America and customers are impressed. We are always looking for agents and representatives in this market. Please let us know if you can help.