Monday 25 November 2019

Conveying Food with Top Hygiene

JenAct– part of the Jenton Group – has launched a new food treatment conveyor for cost effective sterilisation, neutralisation and disinfection of microbiological contamination on food products. The hygienic, fully washdown system has been designed to help prevent spoilage, allow longer shelf life and reduce waste in line with retailer and government requirements.

JenAct’s new IP65 rated wire
belt UV disinfection conveyor is produced from stainless steel and has integrated disinfection zones for food products such as salmon fillets or fruit to pass through.
Incorporating JenAct’s UV Torpedo technology, the unit’s shatterproof UVC lamp fixtures are mounted above and below the actual belt.
JenAct UV Disinfection Conveyor


The new UV disinfection conveyor uses UV tunnels to achieve 360 degrees of UVC irradiation while a built in, custom-designed reflector maximises UVC output. JenAct’s proprietary system moves the product on the wire belt to ensure the whole product  is treated and shadowing does not occur in the process.
“It has long been recognised that the surface contamination of some food products such as fish with listeria monocytogenes can significantly reduce shelf life,” says Dr Jarek Bilek from JenAct “UV germicidal radiation greatly reduces spoilage micro-organism on salmon fillets, for example, and provides a significant extension of shelf life.“Plus, UV treatment does not require water or chemicals, which ultimately leads to cost savings, he says. “Most importantly, the appearance and taste of food products is unaffected,” he tells

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Tuesday 12 November 2019


Latest Emplex MPS 7503 high speed, heavy duty bag sealer features bespoke frame, conveyor transport system and EU compliant guarding

As the leading specialist in high performance packaging equipment for the food, medical, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Jenton Packaging – part of The Jenton Group – has introduced an Emplex MPS 7503 heavy duty, high speed vacuum bag sealer with custom designed frame, conveyor transport system and EU compliant guarding.
Further underlining its commitment to reducing packaging weight whilst increasing shelf life and performance, development of the new Emplex MPS 7503 follows the extension of Jenton’s distributor agreement for Emplex bag and pouch sealing equipment with Canada-based flexible packaging specialist PlexPack to cover Benelux as well as the UK.
Jenton used its proven knowledge of the medical and food industries and expertise in the production of food packaging automation equipment combined with PlexPack’s high performance bag sealing technology to design the bespoke Emplex MPS 7503 system.
Ideal for secure vacuum bagging of chemicals as well as food products such as coffee and snack foods, the Jenton Emplex MPS 7503 is a heavy duty, high speed vacuum bag sealer equipped with vacuum and / or nitrogen gas flush system.
The machine creates high quality, moisture proof, oxygen free packages and is capable of operating at speeds up to 20 bags per minute.

Emplex MPS 7503
Jenton offers a wide range of Emplex equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and medical markets, including standard and custom-designed continuous bag sealers, hot air sealers, automated bagging, integrated systems and add-ons. Emplex continuous bag sealers have sealing and pressure components