Wednesday 6 November 2019


Latest portable, bench top banding system specially designed to handle high strength, lightweight plastic films ranging from 40-60 microns

Jenton Bandit 300
Further reinforcing its position at the forefront of high performance banding machines, Jenton Banding – part of Jenton International – has launched the portable, low maintenance Bandit® 300 heat seal banding machine, part of the  Jenton Bandit® range of banding machines. This latest bench top system is specially designed for both semi and fully automatic applications that require lightweight yet high strength plastic films.  
In line with an increasing requirement to reduce the use of plastics, the new Jenton Bandit 300 is capable of handling 40-60 micron plastic film which is half the thickness of film used by other banding machines.
For added flexibility, the compact Jenton Bandit 300 also offers paper and printed banding. It handles product up to 300mm with operating speeds up to 25 cycles per minute.
The Jenton Bandit 300 is ideal for daily delivered postal items such as lunch packs, retail tamper evidence, greetings cards and multipacks. In addition, clear plastic film can be used for more innovative banding applications such as t-shirts, tea towels and padded envelopes.
When used with paper, the Jenton Bandit 300 can wrap airline meals, cutlery, shelf stacking and vending machine loading.

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