Wednesday 30 January 2013

To Russia with love from Jenton Ariana

We are proud to announce that we have produced our first two food automation Convergers equipped with controllers programmed with the Russian language.

Our dedication to give the best to our customers means that we strive to go that extra mile to get your machines to work the way you need them. To date we have supplied Convergers across the world with HMI’s (Human Machine Interfaces) in English, German, Italian, French and Russian; and we are looking forward to adding to this list. To discuss any needs you have, call us on 01256 892 194 or email us at

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Not your average distributors

Did you know that Jenton are rather more than ‘normal’ distributors.... At Jenton we have 26 granted patents and 17 patents pending in the fields of packaging, UV Air and Surface disinfection and instrumentation. We have an active R&D Dept. which has received a number of awards and 4 PhDs on the payroll – not bad out of a staff of 25.

How does that benefit our customers? We have the ability to analyse customer requirements and the capability to specify, design or make the right solutions for them. We have a wide range of equipment we have designed and made here at Jenton in operation all around the world and we can draw on our resources to solve problems that ‘normal’ distributors just couldn’t do. Try us!