Friday 19 August 2016

When is a converger not a converger?
PackLeader Line Converger
If you’re in the packaging industry a lot depends where you are in the world.   In Europe, pack converging conveyors are often referred to as ‘in-liners’ whereas in the US and American influenced places in the far east – ‘channelizers’ or ‘singleizers’.  In the UK we are used to using the term converger. 

In all cases they really refer to a system that can control either matrices of packs or several lanes of packs coming together by stopping and starting packs and thereby releasing them without clashes into a powered ‘funnel’.  This brings everything into single file with controlled spacing – just what’s required for metal detectors, weighers, labellers, etc. 


Jenton Ariana have specialised in convergers / in-liners / singleisers / channelizers since the 1980s and although there have been various copies the original (sensibly updated) is still the best and we ship them from UK all around the world.

Please contact us if you ever think you might need one.
Richard Little