Friday 4 December 2020



Designed for treating high volumes of air with UV-C light providing a significant dose to kill 99.99% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 in a single pass

Food processing plants and other industrial manufacturing facilities can help protect employees from the on-going threat of Coronavirus and ensure business continuity during the pandemic with JenAct UV’s  exciting new GRU-V® Jet ceiling mounted UV air disinfection unit. The innovative system, which is ideal for cold storage areas and production lines, treats high volumes of air with UV-C light, providing a significant dose to disinfect 99.99% of airborne SARS-CoV-2 in a single pass.

JenAct’s GRU-V Jet UV air disinfection system

JenAct’s GRU-V Jet UV air disinfection systems are designed to be mounted horizontally approximately 500mm from the ceiling where they can disinfect up to 3,500m³ of air per hour. The air is pushed through the GRU-V Jet by a custom made industrial fan whilst four high power UVC lamps are optimally placed to expose all the passing air to maximum UV intensity.

“As HSE and other agencies make clear, fresh air is desirable to minimise aerosol transmission of viruses,” says Dr Jarek Bilek of JenAct. “However, in food factories this is rarely possible so our systems are designed to produce ‘virus fresh’ air in the working environment.”

With the health and safety of workers a priority, JenAct’s GRU-V Jet’s inlet and outlet louvres ensure anyone in the production area is protected from UVC radiation, without the need for additional PPE.

A combination of stainless steel construction and ozone-free shatterproof lamp coating make JenAct’s GRU-V Jet ceiling mounted UV air disinfection system ideal for a wide range of production environments.

The lamps are monitored with a UVC sensor for performance validation and maintenance. Alternatively, lamp replacement is recommended every 14 months when the GRU-V Jet is supplied without sensors

The standalone GRU-V Jet incorporates a fan and control which means it can be installed anywhere with no need for existing HVAC systems.

JenAct’s proprietary UVC modelling software, developed over many years, allows the company to accurately size the GRU-V Jet system for each individual application depending on air flow and duct dimensions, and recommend appropriate positioning.

In addition, the company offers on-site UVC sensor calibration service ensuring minimum system down time for customers, as well as health and safety assessments once the unit is installed.

JenAct is a participating member of the International Ultraviolet Association and holds a number of granted patents in UV generation and application. The company has been based in Whitchurch Hampshire since 1996 and is actively designing, developing and manufacturing solutions for the current Covid-19 situation.