Monday 16 January 2017

New Year New Emphasis

2017 is going to be an interesting year as the world gets to learn more about what’s actually going to happen as a result of decisions made in 2016.

At the Jenton Group it’s no secret that the Brexit decision has caused us some issues in relation to currency losses and price increases but that’s the way it is and like all SMEs, our job is to observe, think and react to make the most of change.

All the products we make – the Ariana Convergers, Seal testers, Stackers and Pad placers – The Dimaco Label Verification and vision systems – the JenAct UV disinfection systems and the JentonUV UV curing systems and UV conveyors are all cheaper now (as long as you pay in something other than UK pounds!) so we’ll be working on our exports.  Potential OEMs and Distributors, please call us asap!

In the UK we’ll be developing our contribution to the sustainability agenda.  With so many products imported, supermarkets are conscious of trying to keep overall prices down so cutting waste is more important than ever.  Spotting weak seals with our seal testers stops products being shipped that will go bad, UV disinfection of air and surfaces reduces the risk of product going bad – and increases shelf life and label verification prevents unnecessary rejection because of information errors.  Jenton developments in helping prevent poor product from leaving the factory and helping prevent it from going off in the first place contributed to us winning the PPMA Sustainable Company of the year 2016 award.

So roll on 2017 – we are ready and waiting.

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