Wednesday 5 December 2018

Jenton UV adds UV LED to PCB Conveyor for HK Wentworth.

HK Wentworth have specified Excelitas UV LED systems for a recent PCB conformal coating project. Jenton UV successfully converted an adjustable width PCB conveyor to an UV LED curing system

The Conveyor, supplied by HKW, was modified in the Jenton workshop, where it was customised in a number of ways.  First, variable speed control was added to the belt drive; secondly, a light shield was constructed to prevent UV leakage and to securely mount the three Excelitas AC8150 UV LED heads - to cure the HK Wentworth manufactured conformal coating and finally, Jenton manufactured the irradiator power supply and control system to allow variable intensity and cure parameters for the LED heads.

UV LED PCB Conveyor
HK Wentworth used the UV LED Conveyor on a working demonstration at the recent Electronica Show in Munich where it was used in line with a spray coating system to demonstrate the advantages of their UV curable coating.

“We are delighted to have been partners with Wentworth on this project” says Jeremy Woodbridge, Jenton UV Sales Manager. “We have been specifying UV for conformal coatings for many years but the new opportunities afforded by UV LED, such as mercury free, cool and stable curing make it much easier for companies to implement” 

Jenton UV have a whole range of UV test equipment at their Whitchurch Facility. Potential customers are invited to visit and conduct trials to assess the advantages of the technology.                                                                               November 2018

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