Friday 2 August 2019

UV Conveyor for Food Treatment

JenAct Ltd - part of the Jenton Group - has launched a new food treatment  UV Conveyor for cost effective sterilisation, neutralisation and disinfection of microbiological contamination of food products. The hygienic, fully washdown system has been designed to help prevent spoilage, promote longer shelf life and reduce food waste in line with retailer and government requirements.
JenAct’s new IP65 rated wire belt UV Disinfection Conveyor is produced from stainless steel and has integrated disinfection zones for food products such as salmon fillets or fruit to pass through. Incorporating JenAct’s UV Torpedo® technology, the unit’s shatterproof UVC lamp fixtures are mounted above and below the belt.
Food Treatment UV Conveyor
This new high performance UV Disinfection Conveyor uses UV Tunnels to achieve 360 degrees of UVC irradiation whilst a built in, custom-designed reflector maximises UVC output. JenAct’s proprietary system moves the product on the wire belt to ensure the whole product is treated and shadowing does not occur.
Dr Jarek Bilek from JenAct Ltd comments: “It has long been recognised that the surface contamination of some food products such as fish with listeria monocytogenes can significantly reduce shelf life. Wet decontamination techniques have been traditionally used to remove microorganisms from foods and surfaces. Although efficient, these technologies are not suitable for all types of products and may damage some foods or surfaces. They also require environmental control such as provision of clean water, reuse and disposal".

For cost effective UV disinfection of pathogens, preventing spoilage, allowing longer shelf life and reducing food waste in line with retailer and government requirements, this new UV Disinfection Conveyor, further underlines JenAct's position at the forefront of germicidal UV innovation.

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