Monday 30 September 2019

PPMA Exhibition Preview - The Jenton Group


PPMA Total 2019                                                                  
1-3 October 19
NEC  Birmingham                                                                                      
Stand no: A50                   

The Jenton Group will be showing a wide range of packaging and processing equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, beverage, medical device and cosmetic industries at
PPMA Total 2019. The company will be highlighting its well proven Jenton Bandit® benchtop, table top heat-sealing banding machines with the latest large arch systems on display, along with samples of products banded with printed materials. Jenton Ariana will be showcasing its food pack convergers, suitable for thermoformed and other conveyorised packs,inline seal testers for MAP/CAP packs and trays, pad placer systems and stackers for multipacks.
The JenAct GRU-V® and UV-Torpedo® sanitisation systems for reducing air and surface pathogens in a food production environment and Jenton Dimaco’s on and off-line label and data verification systems will be featured. 
In response to demand for packaging weight to be reduced whilst maintaining shelf life and performance, a new for 2019 Jenton Packaging ‘Emplex’ continuous bag and pouch sealer with vacuum and gas flush will also be included. Emplex continuous band sealers offer speed, seal integrity and versatility. Suitable for both hand-fed and conveyorised products and developed for the medical industry, Emplex band sealers provide fast, precise and strong seals.
Jenton Dimaco manufactures on and off-line label verification which can be combined with
checkweighing and real time data verification to establish a link in the traceability chain. The machine vision systems are especially suited to fresh food items with a short shelf life and verify both the packaging as well as the labelling. PPMA Total will see the launch of a new vision/ weigh/metal detector combo with minimum line length.
Jenton Ariana’s convergers are simple and easy to clean, operate and maintain and have independent adjustable working and infeed height, quick change belts and long life clutches.
The JenAct GRU-V is a wall mounted UV air purifier which is specially designed to kill 99.99% of airborne micro-organisms and viruses preventing contamination caused by untreated airflow. The system produces no harmful particles, no odours and no harmful chemicals.It is made from high grade materials with shatter proof bulbs and is ideal for
food production environments.
JenAct's  UV Disinfection Conveyors and UV Decontamination Tunnels are used to disinfect food items on a line in advance of packaging.

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