Thursday 2 April 2020


Jenton International's 20th patent eliminates the need for expensive folding equipment or modification of an existing pouch-making production line.
Further underlining its position at the forefront of packaging innovation, Jenton International Ltd ( – part of the Jenton Group – has been granted a European patent for its method of manufacturing a new type of Valve Bag.  The heat sealed film bag has been specially designed for packaging small items including hardware, small parts and especially foods such as soft fruits, cherries or snacks such as nuts and raisins.  Some liquids are also possible.
Jenton’s valve bag creates a ‘one way valve’ at the top from the folded and sealed material of the bag. The advantages of a valve bag include product containment without the need for any form of bag sealing and secure food packing which still qualifies as ‘packed open’.
Richard Little, Jenton’s Managing Director says: “Users can, for example, take a cherry from the bag and then turn the bag upside down and none of the others fill fall out.”
The patent primarily relates to how Jenton’s innovative low density polyethylene (LDPE) Valve Bag can be manufactured to very small sizes on side-weld or pouch making machines without the converter needing to invest in expensive in-tube sealing heads or modification of an existing production line.  Normal bag machine speeds are possible.
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