Friday 26 March 2021

Partnership Builds on UV-C Range of Products

JenAct BioShift
JenAct BioShift

Jenton has been appointed as a value-added partner by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) for its range of UV-C disinfection products. This new partnership will extend the JenAct brand of UV-C products that are now being adopted by many users in the fight against Covid 19.

“This is great synergy”, says Richard Little, managing director of Jenton. We already put Signify Lamps into our own range of equipment and the Signify range of passive upper air disinfection systems will sit alongside our own, established active systems. “Signify also offers a range of UV disinfection cabinets to complement the UV conveyors that we manufacture.”

JenAct UV equipment has seen an increase in demand in the battle against Covid-19 and food companies have a wide range of demands and disinfecting both surfaces in the air.

But, advises the company, it is vital to approach the issue in a scientific way. There is a vast body of evidence the links the dose and irradiance of UV-C to its effects on moulds, bacteria and viruses and JenAct has developed modelling software that allows confident predictions of performance. 

Last year, Signify sponsored research carried out at Boston university which confirmed the efficacy of UV-Con SARS-CoV-2 and this data in included in the JenAct models.

“There are many UV-C solutions on the market, explains Little, “but potential users should check that there is empirical evidence that UV-C will do what’s required in each application – either by using validated models or by carrying out direct test, for instance using surrogate bacteria”.

JenAct also supplies UV-C monitoring equipment, BMS connectivity and data management for validation and control.


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