Tuesday 5 April 2016

Jenton Have Banding Taped Up

Jenton Banding supply banding tape suitable for both heat-seal and ultrasonic-seal banding  machines.  Tape is available in 3 standard widths; 20, 30 and 50mm.  Banding tape, is available as Clear PP and Peh film, PP ribbon, white and brown paper.  The tape is sold by the carton with discounts on larger quantities of half pallet and whole pallet orders.  The tape can be printed.  If ordered by mid afternoon, tape can be delivered overnight or customers can collect direct from Jenton in Whitchurch

Heat seal paper tape offers the cheapest
way of bundling product together and is ideal for printed paper, carton blanks and shelf load, etc.  The paper has a PE coating on one side and does not stick to the product being banded.  The tape can be supplied in either brown or white colours; white tape provides a good background for printing messages, logos, etc.

Clear PP film is ideal for using on product for bundling point of sale product either as special offers or as a tamper evident band. It is stronger and usually clear so it doesn’t mask barcodes.

Bench Top Banding Machine

Banding Material

Ultrasonic seal banding machines  use a wider range of tape, clear peh film, transparent PP film, white PP film, coloured film,  ribbon and double coated white or brown paper.  For banding with clear film the US2000 range is often the  most cost effective method.   Again product information can be printed onto the tape, also ‘best before’ dates can be printed on line.

Ultra Sonic Banding Machine
Banding Tape

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