Wednesday 1 June 2016

OEMs and Distributors wanted


For many years Jenton acted (and still acts) as a Distributor for Packaging, Converting and UV curing equipment only to the UK.  Now we are manufacturing our own machines we want to access markets outside the UK. 

So far we’ve sold UV curing equipment in Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Germany and France.  We’ve sold seal testers in Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, France, Canada.; pad placers in Norway and Finland.  We have  convergers in Spain, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Japan and we have UV disinfection in Sweden, Holland, USA and the Philippines.  And more.

All this with NO distributor…..So…how much better could we do with local support! 

We design and make our own innovative equipment for Packaging, Converting, UV curing and UV disinfection.  Our customers like our equipment.

We are interested in meeting OEMs and distributors active in the food industry for our packaging automation, in the medical/print/adhesive market of UV curing and air handling markets for our UV disinfection.  We know that business grows from a small start but we want some small starts in markets and countries outside the UK!  Please call Richard Little if this sounds interesting.

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