Tuesday 13 July 2010

Jenton to exhibit at HVAC showcase

We've booked a stand at the Easyfairs HVAC exhibition in Brussels, Belgium on 23/24 September. This will allow us to showcase the UV disinfection equipment from Sanuvox in Canada and, of course, the Vibration Analysis equipment we make in C-Cubed (our main market for Pocket Vibra is for HVAC fans and pumps).

Sanuvox is the leading company in North America manufacturing UV sources for air disinfection and UV disinfection of AC coils, ducting and filters. Sanuvox's patented "Biowall" multi-lamp system allows high intensity UV to treat large airflows with minimum disturbance to existing ducting as all lamps are in line with the flow.

In trials at McGill University and published in 'The Lancet', Sanuvox air disinfection UV reduced "sick building syndrome" in offices by up to 40%!

At Jenton, the bulk of our 11 separate UV source patents are suited for air disinfection and we are very pleased with our partnership with such a significant UV player. Read all about it at JenAct website

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