Friday 9 July 2010

Linked to Lincoln

Yesterday I visited a fabulous facility at Lincoln University's Holbeach Campus - the 'National Centre for Food manufacturing - Training and Research Centre' Lincoln Uni website Mike Dudbridge, the Principal lecturer theere has done a fantastic job in rasing funds to build a state-of-the-food-art research centre to latest food factory standards.

There are a number of official parners, such as Multivac, Baro, Ishida, PPMA etc. and there's even a whole food packaging line including multihead weigher, tray sealer, weigh price labelling and various inspection systems. Employees of food companies and other interested parties can sign up for degree courses in a number of relevant subjects for part time/full time/ distance learning and it's a really good resource.

I was up there to introduce Jenton's seal testing technology and UV disinfection systems and have left equipment there for evaluation and demonstration. Mike's ahead of the game with seal integrity research and I'd recommend contacting him for updates on his reseach and on the various technologies available

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