Tuesday 6 July 2010

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Well, the exhibition season is over and we've now finished with IPEX, MEDTEC, TOTAL/PAKEX/PPMA, Irish Packaging and Packaging Innovations. We've shown off all the latest technology in banding and UV curing and we've tried to tell everyone that we actually analyse and give them what they want rather than just sell boxes.

Hopefully the message is sinking in - certainly we have lots of leads to follow up.

UV Curing has been good for us recently as we've launched a load of lamp systems that we actually design and make here rather than sell on behalf of other people. The flexibility this has given us is amazing - we control the controls and the specs and we can use the really good AMBA UV Cure bulbs!

www.jentonuv.co.uk is now extended to be www.jenton.com also. Exports here we come!!

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