Tuesday 1 March 2016

Our next trade show is Foodex, where we will be launching our new high speed foodstacker for food pack collation. The new FCS2 unit  automatically stacks thermoformed packs into a single line into stacks up to a maximum height of 150 mm. Main applications include all sliced products, poultry, fish and fresh produce. Depending on stack profile ,the collator can accept packs at speeds of up to 180 packs per minute.

high speed Food Stacker

Our sales team will also be on hand to discuss the waste reduction benefits of our food packaging Seal Tester an automatic seal integrity test and converger in one simple unit. The system ensures that each pack is tested for the longest possible time to identify and reject even the smallest seal defect.

During a recent survey carried out by WRAP, 11% of meat packs were found to have leaking seals or pin holes. The Jenton-Ariana Autotester tests EVERY pack and only rejects the leakers. Controlled Atmosphere Packaging (CAP) of fresh produce has extended the shelf life of many perishable products. The Seal Tester has been developed as an effective method of warranting such shelf life by detecting leaking packs at source.

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