Monday 14 March 2016

Jenton’s capability in UV curing

UV Curing Lamps
Jenton JA range of UV curing lamps
In an Ultraviolet curing system, generating the UV light is only the first part of the story….with a spherical or cylindrical UV lamp and in most UV cure applications the UV leaves the bulb in the ‘wrong’ direction and a large part of Jenton’s expertise in UV drying has been related to optical systems that direct, preserve and concentrate the UV light and direct it the best way.   Jenton’s JA range of modular UV curing lamps (see photo) have polished aluminium reflectors formed to give excellent focus and JentonUV’s Cont-I-Cure conveyors are designed to move products to be cured evenly through that focus.  Excelitas UV Spot cure lamps have precision dichroic reflectors and high efficiency light guides that direct UV to precise cure locations (such as adhesive joints on medical devices or optical components).   Many of Jenton’s projects combine excellent UV generation with optimised optics and precision product handling for the best results possible.
UV Curing Conveyor
Jenton custom UV curing conveyor 
In addition, Jenton supply UV Radiometers for calibrated measurement of UV at various wavelengths and filtered sensors for process monitoring and feedback control.  Our UV Spot Cure systems and new UV Curing Conveyors can self check their UV output and the performance of optical components and raise alarms etc.

Excelitas UV Spot Cure lamps and lightguide
For further information contact Jeremy Woodbridge  or Richard Little or call on 01256 8912194

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