Tuesday 1 March 2016

Let there be light!

We will be showcasing our range of UV Curing systems at various shows this year.

Jenton UV
designs, manufactures and sells modular industrial UV curing and UV drying equipment. With over 25 years of experience, we are familiar with many types of applications relating to uv adhesives, coatings and print within medical, automotive, electronics and industrial markets. We can advise on the exact UV Curing equipment/material combination for your application.

uv curing,uv spot curing, uv led products
UV Curing and UV Spot Curing Products

UV adhesives are used for curing during exposure to ultra violet light. The adhesives contain photo- initiators reactive to specific light wavelengths that act as catalysts to promote polymerisation reactions. This reaction typically takes place in seconds or less; UV curing is often referred to as ‘instant curing’ – allowing more efficient use of jigs or continuous flow in an automated process.

We offer a range of UV Curing and measuring systems from Lumen Dynamics, EIT  UV Radiometers, Phoseon UV LED Curing Systems and Jenton UV Lamps and UV Conveyors.We provide leading brands, services and technical support to both OEM and end users.

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